Southeastern Virginia Tennis Umpires Association
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2024 Fee Schedules

 Updated Nov 30, 2023

       Colleges and Universities (ITA)

Dual Meet Matches: 


Rover (if non Chair Qualified)$120  
D-3 matches$275 
Dual Meet Matches played on less than 6 courts  


D-3 matches





SVTUA Administrative Fee per Dual Meet Match$30 
Invitational Tournaments:  
Referee$270  per day*

$240 per day*
 *  All time in excess of an 6-hour day will be charged $30.00 per hour



Tournament Admin Fee for Head Referee$50  per hour
Mileage for Dual Meets and Tournaments (local officials)$40


 All officials will arrive one hour prior to the first scheduled match.



 Late arrivals may be penalized.




       Junior Tournaments (Mid Atlantic and Virginia)



  per 8 hours

Additional Umpires$190

  per 8 hours

* All time in excess of an 8-hour day will be charged $30.00 per hour
SVTUA Administrative Fee per tournament


There is a minimum of $100.00 per day for referee/rovers
3 hours or more is considered a full day.

*** Payments are due upon request. If not paid within 15 days, a 1.5% per month late charge will be applied to the next invoice. 






State championships ($25 additional for more than one round)$225

District/regional matches (10 pt. match tie break in lieu of third set)


SVTUA administrative fee$30  



If team or individual matches are delayed due to student testing etc. which results in a match not starting on time, the official will be compensated at the additional mileage rate if the last match of the round that started on time has been completed.



If matches are canceled due to weather and the official is not notified and travels to the site, a fee of $75 shall be assessed.  Tournament Directors can identify assigned officials by visiting SVTUA website, and reviewing monthly assignments and the official’s contact info, i.e. phone numbers.  SVTUA’s scheduler shall also provide TD of assigned officials. 



For round definition, it is the utilization of all or the utilization of all required courts at the facility if a regular two out of three tiebreak set format is used.  If there are not enough courts and round completion requires two rotations or more to complete, it will be counted as two rounds.  If the format is not regular scoring and best of three-tiebreak set, then the fee shall be adjusted accordingly to format and match time requirements by the referee and SVTUA scheduler.  The minimum rate shall be the two round rate.


If matches are started and then cancelled due to weather/darkness, then the official will be compensated at the normal match rate if there were three or more hours of work.  If official works less than three hours, the official will be compensated at the half day rate which is $100.00 as defined on the Association’s website under Junior Tournaments.  
When SVTUA members officiate at non VHSL events that are assigned by SVTUA, this fee schedule shall be applicable and invoiced as listed above, i.e. Regional playoffs, State competition, or non-public High School events.  SVTUA’s scheduler shall coordinate with the requesting activity in regard to fees, format and number of assigned officials in accordance with this agreement.  Payment may be made onsite to the official or via SVTUA invoice to appropriate Conference representative.  Payment method shall be a Conference choice in coordination with, the above fee schedule and as identified during the request for services by Conference representatives.